Wrapping up certifications for 2020!

This year I’ve acheived a few more professional certifications

  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Hashicorp Terraform Associate
  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate
  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Azure Administrator (Recertified taking AZ-104, previous completed 70–533 and AZ-102 Transistion exams).

Giving me a nice colleciton of shiny badges!

Targets for next year?

Continuing down the AWS path, The AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam seems like the Azure Administrator equivalent and should give me some more practical experience with the portal and using AWS in anger:

AZ-204 Devloping solutions for Microsoft Azure:

This one will give me the MAPA Champion recognition too! Check that out here:

Google cloud Associate Cloud Engineer — this will be interesting! I have never looked at GCP so getting the foundational certification will be completely new material for me, although I don’t expect it to be widly different to the foundational AWS / Azure certifications.

Hashicorp Vault Associate — Somthing we could potentially use in my day to day job to secure secrets across multi-cloud environments. A steep learning curve but interesting material.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional! — Potentially a very tough one, but a good aspiration!

An experienced IT professional, focused on cloud tech and DevOps. Specialising in Azure, AWS, & Terraform. Currently working at BT Enterprise as a consultant.

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