I was pleased to recently become a Microsoft Association of Practicing Architects (MAPA) Azure Champ!

The MAPA website has loads of great resources for architects and anyone working with Azure. There is also an ‘Azure champs’ program which involves passing 4 Azure exams and taking the relevant Microsoft Learn courses.

The exams are:

  • AZ-303 (Implementing Architecture)
  • AZ-304 (Designing Architecture)
  • AZ-104 (Administration)
  • AZ-204 (Developing solutions)

You will need to sign up, get yourself listed as a contender and then progress through the exams. This will be a long process if you are just starting out, however if you already have a few under your belt, you can ‘fast-forward’ through the process. Once complete you will be a MAPA Azure champ!

Here I am listed with my BT colleague John Lunn, a.k.a www.jonnychipz.com who put me on to the program! Good luck!

An experienced IT professional, focused on cloud tech and DevOps. Specialising in Azure, AWS, & Terraform. Currently working at BT Enterprise as a consultant.

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