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An experienced IT professional, focused on Cloud and DevOps. Specialising in Azure & Terraform.

The cause of the problem

event id 1800 with this error:
A partial replica of partition DC=it,DC=xxx,DC=com is hosted at site CN=AAA-PrimaryDO,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=contoso,DC=com, but no writeable sources could be found for this partition.

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Azure Application Gateway Example

Azure Managed Identity

What is a managed identity?

Write Packer templates using HCL

Error message: State blob is already locked

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resource "azurerm_log_analytics_workspace" "law" {  name                = lawname
location = westeurope
resource_group_name =
sku = "PerGB2018"
retention_in_days = 30
tags = local.tags
resource "azurerm_virtual_machine_extension"…

  1. Use a consistent file structure across your projects.
  2. Use modules wherever possible.
  3. Use a consistent naming convention.
  4. Use a consistent format and style.
  5. Hold your state file remotely, not on your local machine.
  6. Avoid hardcoding variables.
  7. Fewer resources in a project are easier and faster to work with.
  8. Limit resources in the project to reduce the blast radius.
  9. Test your code.


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